What Will Your Grandma Name Be?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your grandma name is going to be "Oma!" Perhaps you're of Greek descent, but even if you're not, you're the type of Grandma who loves to have fun, embrace life, and spend time with family. You're always willing to throw a good party, cook a big meal, and have a big glass of wine! You're fun and adventurous,what a lady!

Your grandma name is going to be "Nana!" You're the sweetest grandma on earth and everyone knows it. Though you may be a big traditional, nothing can stop you from spoiling your grand kids and spending every spare minute with them that you can. You're warm, compassionate, and always eager to dole out some big grandma hugs!

Your grandma name is going to be "Nonna!" You're a fiery and passionate soul who isn't afraid to try new things, step outside of your comfort zone, or have a little fun. You feel most alive when the whole family is under one roof! You love to cook big family dinners, spend time with the kids, and tell long and rousing stories. You're the type of Nonna everyone wants to have!

Your grandma name would be "Meemaw!" You're an old school and traditional grandma who isn't afraid to embrace the past! You're loving, yet stern, giving, yet never one too spoil. You want your grandkids to have good manners and strong family values. Though you're always on standby to dole out hugs, give homemade cookies, and cook a big family dinner, you also like to do your own thing!

Your grandma name is "Gram!" You're a traditional grandma who would truly do anything for your grand babies. You love to buy them toys, spoil them with ice cream, and send them back to their parents house full and content. You live for your family and know that nothing will ever stand in your way of being the best grandma ever!