How Long Would You Last In Los Angeles?

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Lifetime
Whoa, you could last in Los Angeles for a lifetime! Go ahead and start packing up your sunnies and your sunscreen, because life in the City of Angels is most definitely for you. You're a chill and easy going person who just wants to live life to the fullest. You love to travel, try new foods, work out, and socialize. Sure, traffic is drag, but you know how to take the bad with the good!

20 Years
You could last in Los Angeles for around 20 years! Life in the City of Angels would certainly agree with you! As an ambitious and creative soul, you wouldn't mind the hustle of trying to make it in the industry. You're resilient and relaxed, knowing full well that everything works out as it should! You've never met a smoothie you didn't want to drink or a small dog you didn't want to dote on. This city is right for you!

10 Years
You could live in Los Angeles for around 10 years! Sure, you wouldn't last a lifetime in this great west coast city, but you'd certainly make a go of it for a decade. While you'd love the people, the weather, and the culture that only this city can boast, you'd also hate the traffic, tourists, and hustle in due time. Don't worry, ten years is still a good run!

3 Years
You could last in Los Angeles for three years! As an open minded and adventurous soul, you're always willing to give anything a solid try. Sadly, three years in Los Angeles would be all that you could endure. Sure, the weather is nice, but the traffic, the crowds, the prices, and the overall culture wouldn't exactly sit well with you!

1 Year
You could last in Los Angeles for one year! Unfortunately, you and the City of Angels just don't agree! You're a traditional person tends to put family values and hard work above anything else. You just wouldn't see eye to eye with the folks who call this city home! You hate avocado toast and tend to squirm when you have to pay more than $2.00 for a coffee. We think you better head east!