Which Ancient Civilization Would You Live In?

We're sending you back in time to an ancient civilization...but which one? Take our quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your high-vibration aura makes the mysterious civilization of Atlantis your ideal time-travel destination. You'll be welcomed into the temples by the ascended masters who reside in this fantastical civilization. There you will be taught the secrets of life, love, and laughter. But they'll have a purpose for your visit: Once the super-spiritual life of Atlantis has transformed you into an ascended being yourself, the masters will charge you with the mission of returning to teach the people of today all that you have learned. Good luck!

Does eating grapes in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon sound like your style? Then travel back to the heart of the middle-east and relax in the cradle of human civilization. Life is good there in the fertile crescent, and you can use your modern knowledge to help the Mesopotamians invent the very first wheel. But please do something to stop them from developing cursive script!

Ancient China
Home of chickens and the original Silk Road, ancient China holds a fascination for lovers of art, culture, and politics. Whether you're looking to study philosophy by watching the start of Taoism and Confucianism, admire the incredible art work of the early sculptors and potters, or cozy up with powerful Dynasty leaders, we think ancient China will be just your cup of tea. Plus, when the emperor asks for an oracle bone to be burned to tell the future, you'll know if the cracked bone's predictions are correct!

Ancient Egypt
Walk like an Egyptian! A trip back to the head-waters of the Nile would be perfect for an adventurer like you. Sure, the weather is likely to be scorching hot and the sanitation dodgy, but to see the palace of Thebes in full glory would be worth any discomfort. Ride the Nile north to Giza and answer the Sphinx's riddle, or enroll in the secret mystical schools held deep inside the Pyramid of Khufu. You'll come home with a newfound knowledge of the spiritual and an appreciation for the wonders of air conditioning!

Ancient Rome
Have you ever dreamed of being a gladiator? Think about it...walking into the arena, shield and sword in hand, hearing the crowds roar your name. So, what would be better than to travel back in time and join the games in person? It would be more than awesome. Of course, you could always end up dead or mortally wounded, your blood staining the sand as the crowd cheers your opponent, but let's not think about that!

the Aztec Empire
You have a strong sense of tradition and culture, so a trip to view the wonders of life in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan would be the perfect time-travel escape for you. The mystical island city was the cosmopolitan center of the Aztec empire. Its tall pyramids towered over busy marketplaces filled with trade goods from across Mexico and South America. It was a place where land and water merged. Canals wound across the city, low causeways linked the island to the mountainous shores, and the shallow waters of Lake Texcoco were dotted with floating gardens. The fabled wealth and might of the Aztecs made the city and its people seem invincible...but you'd better plan your visit for before the Spanish arrive!