What Is Your Happy Word?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your happy word is fun. You are an exuberant outgoing individual who loves to have a good time. As a total extrovert, you enjoy being around others, laughing, and just living life to the fullest.

Your happy word is peace. You enjoy the quiet and calm moments in life. Instead of yearning for material possessions, you strive for peace and contentment. Your favorite moments are the silent ones in which you can reflect on the day.

Your happy word is friendship! Nothing thrills you more than being around the people you love most. Laughter, conversation, and having a good time are meaningful things to you.

Your happy word is love! Perhaps you are a hopeless romantic, or maybe you just realize that love makes life more fulfilling. The thought of giving or receiving love makes you feel happy and more at peace.

Your happy word is grateful! You've learned to appreciate the good and the bad things in life, knowing that both add meaning and value to your time on earth. Thinking of all that you have to be grateful for makes you feel happy and at peace.