Answer These 10 Questions And We’ll Pick A Trendy Name For Your Baby!

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Based on the answers to these 10 questions, your baby should be named Arden! The name Arden translates to "winner." You're a highly driven and ambitious individual who knows exactly what you want in life. Your child will definitely take after you in terms of passion and drive.

Based on the answers to these 10 questions, you should name your child Beckett! The name Beckett is an old English name meaning "beehive." You're the kind of person who always likes to be busy and on the go. You love to travel, explore new places, and embrace cultures outside of your own. Your child will definitely share your adventurous way of life.

Based on the answers of your 10 questions your child will be named Carine! The name Carine is of Latin origin and translates to "Little Darling." You're a fan of all things feminine, precious, and vintage. The first thing that others often notice about you is your amazing style and sense of charm.

Based on the answers to this quiz, you should name your child Harlow! The name Harlow is of English origin means "hill." You're the type of person who can overcome just about any obstacle that is thrown her way. You're strong, resilient, and able to scale every possible hurdle.

Based on these 10 questions, your baby should be named Marlowe! The name Marlowe is of English origin and means the "hill by the lake." You're all about nature and living a low key kind of life. You're not one to place too much emphasis on technology, money, or success.