What Headline Was Written For You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Genius At Work
You are a creative and smart person that can't but tinker with items. You'd be someone to have an article published on an incredible invention you created.

Animal Lover Moves Into Zoo
You are a self-proclaimed animal lover. You just can't get enough of their cute faces and so you'd be the type to have a newspaper article created about your move into the zoo. They'll have to take you kicking and screaming from the animals.

Sweet Tooth Tries To Create House Out Of Chocolate
You are someone who cannot get enough of sweets. You have a major sweet tooth so it's no surprise that you would try to create a house out of sweets.

Music Lover Finds A Way To Live Off Only Music
You are someone who loves your music. You have probably tried for years and years to survive off only music, no food and water and you've finally found a way!