Do You Have The Power To Read People?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are in tune to people's emotions
You know exactly what people feel as soon as they start feeling it. Even the smallest sign of their emotion is enough for you to catch on to it. It's like you're feeling their emotion at the same time.

You can read them exceptionally
You are a pro at reading other's emotions. You can tell what they are feeling after studying them for a few.

You're pretty good at it
It can take you quite a bit to catch on but when you do, you always read the people's emotions correctly.

You Aren't The Best
You aren't great at reading other's emotions. It takes you awhile to catch on and when you do, you're usually wrong.

You can't guess at all
You are not good at reading people's emotions. You have no empathy and can never guess what a person is feeling.