Are You A Shopaholic?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Major Shopaholic
You are a complete shopaholic! Your credit card is your best friend and you can't help but want to buy a new cute thing every time you walk into a store. You practically make an art out of your shopping.

Fashion Slave
You love to be up to date with all the new trends. You never like to be out of the loop on new fads and so you make sure to buy them as often as possible!

Somewhat Spendy
While you love buying new things here or there, you know that sometimes you have to keep a tight grip on your finances. There are some times though where you just can't help but buy that new cute thing!

Thrifty Spender
You are definitely not a shopaholic! You keep a close eye on your funds and you don't buy something you want unless you know you have the funds for it.

Pretty Big Spender
You find joy in walking around the mall and window shopping. Buying new things for you is a treat that you love to give to yourself.