What Print Expresses Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a girly girl and like to wear a feminine print to emphasize your femininity. You love nature, and being spoiled. Flowers remind you of a wedding, special occasions, and bouquets from a secret admirer. Floral Print expresses your personality to a T.

You like numbers and logic. You did well in mathematics class at school and in science as well. Your professional success was built on you not letting your emotions or personal life get in the way of your career. You see things as black and white, either right or wrong, and think that there are very few areas in between. Geometric print perfectly expresses your personality.

You are trendy and classic. Others often look to you as an example of the latest styles, without you even knowing it. You are sometimes mercurial and your mood can go up or down in a matter of seconds, but it is usually up. You enjoy a simple print that can be updated, or remain classic with the change of a color or shade. The chevron print perfectly expresses your personality.

You have a wild side and you aren't afraid to show it. When you see something that you want, whether it is a man, a job, or a drink, you pounce on it without a second thought. You have a softer side as well, but you have to let somebody close enough and trust them enough to let it show. Your personality is best expressed through an animal print.

Polka Dot
You are fun loving and young at heart. You are somebody that refuses to let age get in the way of your mentality. Polka dots remind you of Minnie Mouse, the fifties, and your childhood. You are funny and make people laugh. People are drawn to your fun loving personality. Polka Dot print expresses your personality to a T.