Which Christmas Movie Should You Star In?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Home Alone
You should star in Home Alone! Unfortunately, you've felt like Kevin McAllister on more than one occasion. Sometime's it seems like a good idea to make your family disappear. But in your heart of hearts, you know that family is what makes life worth living.

White Christmas
You should star in White Christmas! Christmas is a magical time where anything can happen. When you think of Christmas movies, you think of this iconic classic and all of the innocence it bears.

It's A Wonderful Life
You should star in It's A Wonderful Life! When things get tough, it's easy to believe that our lives don't effect those around us. Like so many of us, you've felt like this on more than one occasion. But just like George Bailey, you know that the little things add up, and every life changes every other life ten fold.

A Christmas Story
You should star in A Christmas Story! Do you often find Christmas to be a time of ridiculous hijinks, bad presents, and weird family encounters? We thought so. There's no better movie for you to star in than this iconic quirky classic.

Christmas Vacation
You should star in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! When it comes to the holidays, you've got a sense of humor. How could you not? You need a good laugh to survive this time of year. You know that nothing should be taken too seriously, even the family Christmas tree.