What Living Prince Should Be Your Royal Husband?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Prince William of Wales
OK we all love Kate Middleton, but if something ever happened to her (heaven forbid) the world would need somebody just as glamorous to take her place, and you fit the bill quite nicely. You are a classic beauty with a sophisticated style. Wealthy and commoners can easily relate to you. Who wouldn't want to kiss their husband goodbye as he left for a nice day's work flying helicopters and who also happens to be second in line for the English throne. Your royal husband is Prince William of Wales.

Prince Harry of Wales
You have a weakness for gingers and especially ones with a bad reputation. Sure Harry has had his fair share of scandals, but he has a tender heart as well. You could be just the right person to tame him. Your royal husband should be Prince Harry of Wales.

Prince Azim of Brunei
Prince Azim is third in line to the throne of Brunei, a paparazzi darling and easy on the eyes. He is also worth an estimated $22 billion. He does like to live a lavish lifestyle, but also gives back to those in need. His philanthropic efforts have helped raise millions of dollars for charity, including one of his favorite's The Make a Wish Foundation. As his wife, you will be able to party it up with Janet Jackson or help a kid in need all while dodging the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. Your royal husband should be Prince Azim.

Prince Carl-Philip of Sweden
Swoon. This hunky Prince could easily be on the cover of GQ. He is second in line for the Swedish throne. He loves to ski, swim, and play soccer. He is also a lieutenant in the Swedish Navy, and you know what they say about a man in uniform. Carl-Philip has an artistic side as well. He studied Graphic Design in Washington D.C. Your Royal Husband is His Royal Highness Carl-Philip.

Prince Haakon of Norway
This sexy prince is the heir to the Norway throne. He is the third cousin of Prince Charles of Wales. He has two children so you know that he is a family man. He is an admiral in the Norwegian Royal Navy and studied Political Science at Berkley. Prince Haakon might be powerful, rich, educated, and sexy, but he is down to earth and a family man. As his wife, you will have all the luxurious of being a royal without all of the drama. Your Royal husband is Prince Haakon of Norway.