How Organized Are You?

Ever wonder how organized you are? Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Extremely Organized
Organized? Please. You are the king/queen of organization! Everything is spick-and-span and neatly labeled, with each of your things falling precisely into your routine. You never lose anything, never miss an appointment, and never have to worry--unless someone comes along to disrupt things, that is!

Very Organized
You are very organized. You have a proper place for everything and always know where everything is. Your daily routine fits in well with the way you order things, and you rarely lose things or miss an appointment. That being said, you also know how to relax at times and don't get too upset if someone comes along to disrupt things.

Pretty Organized
You are pretty organized. You know where most things go, and you have a pretty steady setup and routine for things. That being said, you are not perfect. You still lose your stuff at times and can miss important events now and again. However, this can make you the best of both worlds: you have some organization to help you out in life, but you don't freak out when faced with a little chaos.

Pretty Disorganized
You are pretty disorganized. While your living space isn't a total mess, you tend to lose track of things and miss important events more often than you would like. However, you are not so disorganized that you cannot get by, and in fact, many of your friends appreciate your casual, carefree attitude.

Very Disorganized
You are very disorganized. Your living space tends to be messy; you lose things often; and you forget important events all the time. You can find the attempt to organize exhausting, however, and actually prefer the chaos. That doesn't mean you should let things get too messy though!

Extremely Disorganized
You are extremely disorganized. Who needs to keep track of their stuff? You certainly don't. You have more important things to do than worry about something as silly as organization! You lose things constantly, surround yourself with mess, and forget important things all the time, but either you don't care or organization is so unnatural to you that it simply doesn't work!