Are You More LIke Your Mother Or Your Father?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Mother
You are most like your mother. When it comes to your parent's, you take after your mother. Not only do you and your mother share the same mannerisms, but you also have extremely similar tastes.

Your Father
You're most like your father! When it comes to your parents, you take after your father. You and your father share the same sense of humor, strength, and sensibilities. You feel as if no one understands you the way your father does.

A Mix Of Both
You are a mix of both parents. When it comes to your parents, you share characteristics of both your mother and your father. While you don't explicitly take after one or the other, but you definitely have a little bit of each parent within you.

Neither Parent
You don't take after either of your parents! You are a true individual, completely separate from your parent's values and traditions. You formed your own opinions on the world, without any influence from your mother or father.

Your Grandparents
You take after your grandparents! You are an old soul who always felt a deep connection with your grandparents. When it comes to values and morals, you definitely take after your parent's parents.