What Is Your Goal In Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Achieve True Happiness
All you want from life is to be truly happy and not have to worry. You have no interest in financial or materialistic things to make you happy but instead you want to achieve a peace of mind. You want to have no regrets from your life.

Build Your Dream Home
You want nothing more from life than to build your dream home. You want to envision those plans and be able to make them come true. With your imagination and ambitious spirit, you're sure to create a beautiful home.

Move To A New Country
You want nothing more than to experience life in a new place. You want to become intertwined with a culture of a new country and lean their language and their traditions. You have a spontaneous personality which is why you want nothing more than to move to a new country and live some new adventures.

Live Until 100
You want to live until the ripe old age of 100. You want to have wisdom and experience that many others don't have. You want to stick around for a long time to see your loved ones grow older and achieve accomplishments in their lives.

Get Your Dream Job
You want nothing more than to land a job in the career of your dreams. You have an interest to that field and you would advance far in it. You have a thirst for knowledge that will not only help you advance in your job but also help you gain respect from your peers.