Can We Guess What Kind Of Kid You Were Growing Up?

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Troublemaker
Growing up, you were most definitely a troublemaker! You certainly kept your parents on their toes and up at night. If you weren't getting into trouble or hatching a scheme, you were covering up for some trouble you already caused.

The Protective Sibling
Growing up, you were the protective older sibling! You were a great kid who always looked out for your younger siblings and made sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to do. Not only did you give great advice and look out for your sibling's best interests, but you were always there to help out your parents as well.

A Bookworm
Growing up, you were a total bookworm! You looked to books for both comfort and escape. You often spent hours lost in fictional worlds that were wholly different than your own. To this day, you still love getting caught up in a good book!

An Overachiever
Growing up, you were a total overachiever! It wasn't enough for you to just get good grades, you wanted to be the best at everything. You were always signing up for clubs, taking on additional work, and doing whatever you could to succeed.

A Class Clown
Growing up, you were a total class clown! You never took life too seriously and loved to interject a bit of comedy into daily life whenever possible. Though your teachers didn't always appreciate this trait, your friends and family sure did!