What Type Of Foodie Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Comfort Foodie
Nothing taste better to you than some good old comfort food. You love food that's fried, doused in tons of butter or has heaps of bacon. Basically you just love food that's bad for you. Savory and buttery food is what you live for.

Ethnic Foodie
You love cuisine around the world. You love all the taste and variety that ethnic dishes can bring. You love enjoying new things and having a fun time with friends.

Healthy Foodie
You love all food that is good for you. You're a fan of vegetables and other types of healthy food. You love seeing what dishes you can create from the ingredients and you love the energy that healthy food gives you.

Fast Food Foodie
You'll eat anything that comes from a fast food chain. You love the convenience of just going in and grabbing a bite. You love the greasy yet delicious food and you'd eat it everyday if you could.

Expensive Foodie
You have a more expensive taste when it comes to food. Whether it's caviar or Kobe beef, you just love the quality of the food. You have no problem spending money on exquisite food.