What Is Your Secret Addiction?

Unlock your secret impulses and hidden desires.

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You like to be liked, and you can't help throwing a little charm over the people around you. Flirting just comes naturally to you, even when your heart isn't in it. While a ready smile and a bright sense of humor can help you go far, be careful that you don't let them take you TOO far--otherwise you're headed for relationship trouble.

You have a sweet tooth, a salty tooth, a sour tooth...and it takes lots of munching to satisfy them all. Even when you're not hungry, the idea of a certain food can quickly turn into a relentless craving. While it's okay to indulge now and then, be careful not to allow yourself to slip into mindless eating--otherwise, all those 'little snacks' will take a toll on your health!

You've got a sharp eye and a sensitive mind. When something's not right, you know it, and you often feel the need to let other people know too! You can't just sit back and let the world go awry, can you? Of course, there's a time and place for complaining, but be careful that you're not complaining to people who have no control over your complaint--otherwise, you might find out that you've become 'the boy who cried wolf' someday, when it's too late!

It's hard for you to keep your head in the moment, especially when the moment is dull or mundane. You welcome all forms of escapism, from daydreaming to binge-reading or binge-watching TV. Of course, there's nothing wrong with feeding your imagination now and then, but be careful that you don't let your imagination consume your life--otherwise, you might wake up one day to find that you're going nowhere!

You can't help but notice when you see a beautiful person next to you in a restaurant or when your friend posts gorgeous pictures of her beach trip on Facebook. It seems like everyone has something you want--and maybe you have nothing that other people want? Of course, a little envy is natural when you see someone else rocking their life, but be careful not to let yourself get carried away! Otherwise, you might lose sight of the precious things in your life--and after you lose sight of them, you could even lose them for good.

You have itchy feet, and no matter what fabulous place you land in, you are always ready for something new within a few weeks. If you could, you'd probably spend your whole life wandering the earth! Of course, expanding your horizons is great, but be careful of the trade-off! If you never put down roots, you'll never make deep connections with the people and places you breeze through.