Is Your Ego In Check?

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Unfortunately, it seems you are a bit of an egomaniac. You are often overly preoccupied with yourself and can often let your impulses and urges run amuck. When in a room with others, it can be easy for you to feel a bit superior to those around you. It's not that you're not an amazing person, worthy of praise, but sometimes you let ego run your life.

Ego Alert
Unfortunately, we have a bit of an ego alert on our hands! While you're far from an egomaniac, you definitely have an unhealthy preoccupation with yourself and your needs. You often discount the feelings and thoughts of others, deeming yourself somewhat superior. Our advice? Keep your ego in check and level the playing field. Even though you're awesome, having a big ego can drive others away!

Ego at Bay
Your ego is definitely at bay! While every now and then you may have bursts of confidence that can be misconstrued as ego, you're far from an egomaniac. You're quite modest and humble, rarely do you feel superior to others.

Ego in Check
Your ego is 100% in check! You never let your ego get out of the way or run the show. In fact, you believe that modesty is the best policy. Even if you do realize your own strengths, you know that it's important to stay grounded and realize that with strength there is always weakness.

You are completely egoless! You're as humble as they come. In fact, it is often very difficult for you to take compliments or receive praise from others. Even if you know your self worth, it can be hard for you to understand how others could possibly find you so wonderful. Give yourself some credit and see just how amazing you truly are!