Are You a Stay-at-Home Man?

Yes, you read that right. It says 'stay-at-home man,' not mom. Take this quiz to find out if you're one of them!

Tags: Temper, Lifestyle

Here are all the results with descriptions

You never, ever leave the house. No, really. You don't. If you have a job, you work from home. It is likely you are bedridden.

If you had your druthers, you'd never leave the house. You are most comfortable there. As a result, you are likely to work from home. Or perhaps you are the designated homemaker while your spouse goes out to work, especially if you have children. It's an admirable job and one that suits your temperament perfectly!

Your favourite place to be is at home, but that doesn't mean it's the ONLY place you want to be. Sure, you can whip up a great meal, fix a leaky faucet, and put the kids to bed all by yourself. But every now and then you crave a little external stimulation. Usually when that happens, you invite some friends over. Sometimes, though, you like to go out to a restaurant or a play.

You're a normal guy and when it comes to your home life, you're pretty average. Yes, you like to be at home but you also like to be out there in the world, doing things. You could never be a house husband, at least not full-time. You need to be around other adults AT LEAST half the time. And, face it, creating a cozy home environment just isn't that interesting to you.

You're not the kind of guy who rushes home after work. No, you're the kind of guy who rushes practically anywhere else. To the café, to the gym, to the movies. That may be because there's no one waiting there for you. Or it may be because the WRONG person is waiting there for you.

You have a definite aversion to being at home. So much so that we wouldn't be surprised if you told us you were homeless by choice. Are you sleeping on a friend's couch right now? Or backpacking through southeast Asia? Admit it, you took this quiz at an internet café, didn't you?