What Fashion Era Do You Belong In?

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The fashion era that best suits you is the 1930s! Fashion in the 1930s was always classy. Even though many people didn't have money, they still dressed like it. Women always wore dresses and kept pretty hair. Fur was in and so were beautiful floral patterns. Makeup was always chic and put together. Does this sound like your daily look? We thought so!

The fashion era that best suits you is the 1940s! Fashion in the 1940s was a mix of comfort and glamour. Clothes were very bright, form fitting, and fit for a specific occasion. Women almost always wore gloves and a brightly colored lipstick.

The fashion era that best suits your personality is the 1950s! The 1950s were a time of burgeoning fashion, tight waistlines, and skirts of varying lengths. The 1950s was the first era in which women truly enjoyed the freedom to experiment with fashion. We think you would've loved the opportunity to have expressed yourself through fashion!

The fashion era that best suits you is the 1960s! In the 1960s fashion was a bit bi polar in every way. Short skirts and suede were big trends, as were knee high boots. This was also the emergence of the mod culture and tight a-line dresses. You would've loved the choices and freedoms that the 60s would've brought!

The fashion era that best suits you is the 1970s! The 1970s were a wildly varying time in fashion. At the beginning of the decade, women's styles were very out there and flamboyant. Bright colors were in high demand as were flowing skirts and electric colored pants. In the summer, women often wore very short tight shorts and almost see through tee shirts. This was a time of experimentation and the onset of dressing in a sexy manner.