Which Historical Vixen Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Bonnie Parker
You're most like historical vixen Bonnie Parker! Parker was part of a gang that robbed and killed their way across the United States. While you might not be an outlandish criminal, Parker is best known for her confidence and "I don't care" attitude. Given your pen chance for not caring what others think, we think you and Ms. Parker have some things in common.

Lady Godiva
You are most like historical vixen Lady Godiva! According to lore, Lady Godiva troubled for the people suffering from being heavily taxed by her husband. In order to convince her husband to ease up on the taxes, she stripped naked and rode a horse through the town with nothing but her long hair to cover her body. That's creative thinking if you ask us!

Bettie Page
You are most like historical vixen Bettie Page. Bettie Page is arguably the queen of the pinup models. Aside from her dashing good looks, Bettie was known for pushing the limits of decency and morality time and time again. Her freedom and sexuality made her a model for women looking to break free of their insecurities.

You are most like historical vixen Cleopatra! Cleopatra is last pharaoh of ancient Egypt. She is known for her power, seduction, and ruthlessness. Unlike most women at the time, Cleopatra knew how to use her sex appeal and feminine wiles to get what she wanted.

Evelyn Nesbit
You are most like historical vixen Evelyn Nesbit. Nesbit was an artists' model, chorus girl, and Gibson Girl . Evelyn was a mesmerizing model with a murky past and some bad connections. Though she was famously a muse for many artists, the girl often felt troubled in life and a bit unhappy.