What Should You Talk About With Melania Trump?

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Fashion And Style
If you were to discuss one thing with Melania Trump, you would talk about fashion and style! In your opinion, this first lady always looks beautiful. Her knack for looking like a bombshell, even at formal functions, is truly a talent you'd like to have. You would gladly sit down and talk fashion with Melania any day!

Her Husband
If you were to talk with Melania Trump, you would want to talk all about Donald. You're dying to find out if what he's like behind closed doors. Does he bear the same defiance as he does in public? How does he treat her as a wife? In your opinion, a sit down with Melania would be a golden opportunity to find out who Donald Trump really is.

Life In Slovenia
If you were to talk with Melania Trump, you would want to learn all about her life growing up in Slovenia. You're interested in her roots, family, and life before meeting Donald. After all, Melania was someone long before Mr. Trump came into the picture. You're interested in learning more about this First Lady's backstory.

If you could sit down and speak with Melania Trump, you'd want to talk about motherhood! No matter who you are or where you come from, motherhood can be a complicated yet enriching experience. You would love to find out how this first lady approaches motherhood, especially now that she's taking on the biggest role of her life.

If you could sit down with Melania Trump you would love to discuss feminism. You would love to know where this first lady stands on many women's issues, especially those involving women's rights. What role will she have in advancing women? Only time will tell. A conversation with this first lady would certainly be enlightening!