What Is Your True Nature?

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You inspire everyone around you with your positive and infectious personality. You know that you have to stay strong even when the going gets tough and that perseverance makes others admire you. You don't let any obstacle stand in your way and you will keep going until you reach your dreams.

You have a big heart and a kind soul and you want to help those around you. You're willing to sacrifice almost anything to help those in need and people look up to you because of that. Your loved ones mean the world to you and you will do anything to make sure they are safe and happy.

You have an imagination and passion for creativity that many people can't match. You love to experiment with different forms of art and express your feelings and ideas through them. You love to be alone because that is when you can let your imagination flourish.

You tend to be a rather level-headed and rational individual. You love to learn new things especially when it's a challenge. You love to chat with others about your opinions and ideas. You're not one to concern yourself too much with emotions and you tend to think and feel accordingly.

You're a very emotional and sensitive individual who tends to look at the bigger picture. You believe there are things out there that we can't see yet but they greatly affect the life around us. You're very devoted to your beliefs and will do anything to prove yourself correct.