Are You A Phone Addict?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Totally Addicted
You're totally addicted to your cell phone! Your phone is never more than a few inches from your grasp. Not only do you need your phone on you at all times, but you have a serious fear of missing a notification, email, and text. For the most part, you spend more time with your phone than your actual friends!

Addicted And Enamored
You are addicted and enamored with your cell phone! We all love our cell phones, but no one loves their phone quite as much as you. Your phone is never more than a foot away from you at all times. When you're not using it, you're thinking about using it. When you are using it, life feels truly special and beautiful!

Slightly Addicted
You are slightly addicted to your phone! LIke so many of us, you have a tendency to use your phone as a crutch. Need to avoid eye contact on the subway? Go on your phone. Need to pretend you're taking care of some super important business? Go on your phone. You tend to use your phone as a replacement for interaction.

A Bit Unhealthy
You have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with your cell phone! Let's face it, there's nothing healthy about coddling a piece of technology like a baby. In fact, a phone should never be a replacement for real interaction. Unfortunately you (and most of us), have a less than ideal obsession with our mobile devices.

Totally Not Addicted
You're not addicted to your phone at all! Lucky you! You never feel tethered or bound to your phone. In fact, you barely check the thing. You use your phone for emergencies only. The rest is just unimportant distraction from the real world!