What U.S. Department Could You Be Appointed Secretary Of?

Do you have some good problem-solving ideas for the United States? If you could head up one department what would it be?

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You care about food and where it comes from. You take an interest in the sustainability of the American farm, and you worry about growing crops that are both profitable and, at the same time, nutrient rich. You are also interested in the biodiversity of our crops, helping to create stability in a changing environment.

You are invested in seeing American businesses (both small and large) succeed. You support the entrepreneurial spirit, and you are interested in promoting programs that create jobs and sustainable economic opportunities that improve the standard of living for Americans.

You are interested in world affairs. You take time to understand foreign policies, and you have strong opinions on whether or not the policies are beneficial or destructive. You enjoy understanding other cultures and traveling abroad.

You believe you can make a difference in America by making sure that everyone has the opportunity to become educated. Making sure that there are educational opportunities for all types of people is something you feel can make the biggest difference in every aspect of American life.

You have an interest in how we power all aspects of our world. You believe it is important to find new sustainable ways of providing energy to the world. You are interested in exploring many options for continuing to supply fossil fuels while, at the same time, developing renewable energy sources. You are also interested in how our energy impacts our environment.

Health and Human Services
You truly care about the health and well-being of others. You worry about children, and you care that they have a safe and healthy world to grow up in. You believe it is the job of all people to look out for each other and, if we do take care of others, the world in general will be a better place for us all.