Which Hippie Name Should Be Yours?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The hippie name that should be yours is Moonshine! You're a night owl with a love of spirituality and the intense magic that can come in the night. You truly believe that the night is a time when anything can happen and magic forces are at play. This is when you feel most alive!

The hippie name that should be yours is Sunstreak! You're a sun lover with a natural side. Green living is the life for you. If something is eco-friendly, good for the environment, and all natural; you're always game. Couple this with your love of nature and Sunstreak is the perfect name for you!

Your hippie name should be Zola! You're a quirky creative type who hates to be labeled (but if you had to choose a label you'd hands down choose hippie)! You love art, style, and making something out of nothing, especially it involves repurposed materials!

Your hippie name would be Willow bark! When you were a kid, someone once asked you what your favorite thin in the world was. Your answer: trees!You're a total tree hugger and environmental champion. Your main goal in life is to protect the earth with all of the resources you have to do so!

Your hippie name should be Zulu! Much like you, this hippy name is a little quirky and a lot of fun. Aside from being a total nature lover, you alway love to create amazing art out of found objects. Marrying the outside with the inside has always been a hobby of yours!