Do You Think You're Better Than Other People?

It's a slippery slope into egomania. Catch yourself before you go off the deep end!

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Think You're Leagues Above the Rest
You're not just above average; you're above above average! While there may be some evidence to support this attitude--maybe you have your PhD or run marathons or fund nonprofits--it's not likely to win you many friends. Just because other people haven't 'achieved' as much as you, it doesn't mean they are less capable. Maybe they had obstacles that you didn't or they just weren't interested in the rat race!

Think You're Above Average
You're no Bill Gates, but you still like to think you're a cut above the masses. Maybe you've earned your attitude by hard work or natural talent. For sure, your self-confidence will help you in certain situations, like job interviews or first dates. Just try not to let it escalate. It's okay if you hold yourself to high standards, but don't lose your compassion for other people. You never know what obstacles they have had to overcome!

Think You're Average
You're just about on par with other people. And in a sense, that's great. You're open-minded, and you easily connect with other people and sympathize with their problems. Just remember, even if you are 'average' overall, you still have special qualities that are way above average. Don't waste any of your potential by assuming you can't do amazing things!

Think You're a Loser
You pale in comparison to the rest of society. At least, in your own eyes you do--but you're probably not giving yourself enough credit! Maybe you've had to face obstacles and setbacks that other people haven't, or maybe your low self-esteem itself is holding you back! Whatever the case, you need to start treating yourself as generously as you treat other people. Forgive yourself for mistakes and encourage yourself to take risks. You're not as far behind as you think!