What Would Be The Perfect Theme For Your Baby Shower?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The perfect theme for you would be something rather sweet and simple like a cupcake theme. It looks cute and you could always hand out cupcakes to your guests and do a gender reveal with them.

Sunny Breakfast
If you'd prefer to have an early baby shower, a sunny breakfast theme would be perfect for you. You could serve breakfast and incorporate the sunny theme throughout to give it a cheery feel.

A Circus Theme
What would be cuter than having a circus themed baby shower? You could incorporate cute little circus animal and maybe even do a red and gold color scheme to match it.

Little Pink Birdies
If you want a rather simple but cute shower, little pink birdies is the way to go. It would have a adorable feel to it while also being quite simple.

If you want something a little less traditional, a vintage baby shower would be perfect. It would have a rather elegant touch but wouldn't look like the stereotypical baby shower.