What Is Your Guilty Pleasure / Lady Habit Type

Here are all the results with descriptions

Shoe Hoarder
You have that special pair of shoes earmarked for that special occasion, that will probably never come, but you have them and the thought of that gives you peace.

Emoji Junky
You are the kind of lady that thinks in emojis. That is an extraordinary feat! You always have the right emoji for the right situation and have been known to write complete paragraphs in emoji.

Hello My Name Is_______and I Am A Twihard
You would probably not admit this in public, but you like to unwind by watching or reading the Twilight Series, back to back. It's nothing to be ashamed of and in the right company (i.e. another Twihard) you can recite every important quote, "you are my own personal brand of heroin." The only question we have for you is are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

That Awkward Go To ITunes Playlist
You know the one, perhaps its the complete discography of Britney Spears, or the theme songs from all of your favorite TV shows when you were a kid, but you have it and are ready to use it when the time comes, like when you want to shut the world out, or to celebrate that new job.

Fuzzy Knee Highs And Ex Boyfriends T-shirt
This outfit is your slip-into-something-more-comfortable at the end of a long stressful day. It pairs perfectly with mac & cheese, comfy blanket and binge watching Elementary.