What Famous Work Of Art Are You?

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The Dream By Pablo Picasso
You are not beholden to societies expectations and see the world through the lens of a non nonconformist point of view. Independent, original and analytical are all adjectives that describe you. You are accepting of a diverse range of people and lifestyles, in fact, your choice of friends reflects your openness and curiosity of other cultures.

The Kiss By Gustav Klimt
Kind, dependable, stable and practical, you fancy the idea of traditional romantic love and are sentimental to the bone! You are drawn to classical styles that will outlive today's fool hardy fashion trends. Given the choice you would rather spend time visiting with loved ones over a home cooked meal and sipping on wine than going out to eat at the trendiest new hipster restaurant in town.

32 Campbell's Soup Cans By Andy Warhol
Indeed, you are a visionary who seeks to discern the world around you. Intuitively able to understand people and situations, you can decipher complex realities and therefore imagine the possibilities. You are an analytical thinker, articulate conversationalist, outgoing yet introverted in your observations.

The Girl With A Pearl Earring By Jan Vermeer
You confound us all! Like the girl in the painting, you are not what you appear to be. Constantly reinventing yourself, you've moved on to your next fashion statement before we have had a chance to experience the last! Like a chameleon changing colors, nobody is truly sure of your true color.

The Thinker By Rodin
In French you are called La Penseur. Quiet, deep in thought, sitting naked, The Thinker is an analogy for your naturally introverted nature. Often unaware of the outer world, you are prone to clumsy accidents and yet you are capable of solving the mystery of pi. Your style is simple, yet classic. You prefer the engineering and durability of a designer like Pauline Trigere over the flighty musings of Betsey Johnson.