Greek Mythology Quiz

The Greeks had a rich and layered mythology that included gods, devils, and everything in between. How much do you know?

Here are all the results with descriptions

No Greek Mythology Knowledge
This is probably not a surprise to you, as you have obviously not read, studied, or watched anything that taught you about Greek mythology--at least not that you can remember.

Basic Greek Mythology Knowledge
You know the major names and concepts of Greek mythology, but you need to learn a lot more before you start using references from Greek mythology in your everyday life. Your basics won't fool anyone just yet!

Good Greek Mythology Knowledge
You remember a lot of what you have read and seen. You get the basic references when watching a movie or cartoon, or even reading a book, and you understand when people use these references in metaphors. Learning more will just increase your appreciation of Greek mythology.

Strong Greek Mythology Knowledge
You have a great understanding of ancient Greek mythology. You can use references in stories, metaphors, and writing with confidence. It is apparent that you know what you are talking about!

Excellent Greek Mythology Knowledge
Are you a professor or author of Greek mythology? If not, maybe you should consider a career change! It is obvious that you are passionate about this time period, and you know far more than the average person!