What Christmas Character Am I?

If you're already counting down the days to Christmas, this is the perfect quiz for you. Find out which classic Christmas character you are in this fun and festive quiz.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

There's something special about you. You know how to light up a room and like Santa, your community sees you as something of a legend. You adore Christmas for its love and chance for miracles. You are a true believer.

You are a determined, ambitious person. In addition to following your heart's passion, you are full of a kindness and goodness that goes unmatched. You love winter for it's pine trees and freshly fallen snow. You enjoy beautiful things.

Mrs. Claus
You are generous, generous, generous! You are always thinking of others and keep a calm demeanor. You bring light and life into a home. You love the holidays for the family time it brings, as well as all of the delicious treats!

A Nutcracker
You are a protector and incredibly practical. You would do anything for your loved ones and you have a romantic heart. You adore keeping the same Christmas traditions year after year. For you the holidays are about showing your love for others.

A Snow Angel
You are beautiful inside and out. You are known for your fashion sense as well as your haunting smile and grace. You adore Christmas for all the beautiful lights, sweet-falling snow, and the general shine it brings to us all.

A Christmas Elf
You are fun and hilarious! People love being around you for both the joy your bring them and for your solid work ethic. You love everything about the holidays and are sometimes called a fanatic. You're the type of person who listens to Christmas music year round.