What Do You Think About France?

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France Is Rude
When it comes to France, you truly believe that they’re people are rude and a bit uppity. You know that the French don’t like most Americans, but you find their attitude towards outsiders to bet totally despicable. If you’re embracing their culture, you expect to be treated with a little respect in return.

They're Stylish And Trendy
When it comes to France, you believe that it is a country of tastemakers. You find their women to be stylish and trendy. You find their men to be artistic and sensitive. Sometimes you wish that Americans were just ever so slightly more like the French!

They Have Amazing Culture
When it comes to France, you view this country as a mecca of culture and art. From the sheer number of museums to the delicious cuisine, you love that France puts a little bit of artistry and culture into everything they do.

France Is A Bit Stuffy
When it comes to France, you find the French to be a bit stuffy and entitled! You know the French truly value and embrace their culture; but in your opinion that’s no excuse to be rude to tourists helping the country’s economy and industry.

France Is Just France
Honestly, you don’t have much of an opinion on France whatsoever. In your mind, France is just another European country with their own set of rules, opinions, and way of life. You neither like nor dislike this culture driven country.