Which Day Of the Week Are You?

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You work very hard during the week and definitely earn yourself a day or two of rest when the weekend comes. You're so responsible that your weekend will often be spent planning the best plan of attack on the upcoming week's chores, but your inner child reminds you that work is just as important as rest for being productive, so you always try to pace yourself and frequently make time for leisure.

You are a bit of a wild child, and your attitude is the definition of YOLO. You have the keen awareness that life is short, so why not enjoy every moment? Sometimes your boss or your parents might think you take that maxim a little too much to heart, but you can't be bothered, because you want to live the fullest life possible! You have a charm about you that endears your personality to everyone. Your love for life is infectious.

You are strict, responsible, and thorough! Your personality isn't for everyone. Some would rather be lazy as much as possible, but those who understand where you are coming from are very thankful for your perseverance and dedication to hard work. Your efficiency makes everyone's life a little easier, even if they don't realize it, but you don't work for recognition. You do it because you genuinely love getting things done!

You are the good cop in good cop/bad cop. You are the favorite parent who never disciplines the kids. You are everyone's favorite! You can basically do no wrong, and any idea you pitch just sounds good for some reason, so you might steer people into trouble now and then, but everyone has fun along the way, so it doesn't go too wrong. You have a calm demeanor about you that leads people to trust you.

You are a perfect mix of serious work ethic and fun-loving spirit. You are the mullet of the days of the week! Your good attitude and can-do demeanor earn you a great reputation among your colleagues and superiors, and your peers love that they can trust you to break the rules every once in a while, if it makes life a little less banal. You have the uncanny skill of always knowing what to say and when to say it to lighten the mood.

You are ambitious and always manage to get a second wind just when you think you're out of energy, which provides you with the extra kick needed to make it through tough times. Your friends know that you have a good head on your shoulders and never get too wild, but you still know how to let loose and no one can deny that!