Can We Guess Your Age Based On These Questions?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're a 20 something and probably can't live without your cellphone or tablet. You're obsessed with social media and send important messages via text instead of calling. You're thrilled that you can just pull out your ID when you order a drink at the bar because you're finally legal. You're most likely a 20-something!

You are a little more responsible than your younger counterparts but still know how to have a great time. Friends and family relationships are important to you and therefore you're more likely to call instead of text. You don't mind getting carded at the local bar. Based on your results, it sounds like you're a thirty-something!

You might as well have your cell phone surgically attached to you because you're never seen without it. You don't understand life without technology and wouldn't give it up for anything. Your friends and family text you instead of verbally communicating with you because they know your nose is constantly in the phone. You can't wait to grow up because your parents think they know everything!

You may love soap operas and even traveling especially on a cruise ship. You love to spend time with family and would do anything to maintain your happiness. You're a fifty-something!

You're as old or as young as you want to be. You don't fit into a box of any age group. You are able to enjoy the things that younger people do but also mature enough to make good judgements. You're ageless!