What Will Santa Bring You This Year For Christmas?

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Tablet
What you'll be getting for Christmas is none other than a tablet! You need something that's sleek and portable where you can browse the Internet. Whether you're reading books or playing mobile games, a tablet would definitely come in handy for you.

A Console
What you'll be receiving for Christmas is none other than a game console. It'll be a good way to spend some of your free time. You're not too picky about which one you get as long as you get a good one.

A Box Set Of Your Favorite Show
You'll be receiving a box set of your favorite tv show for Christmas! You probably watch your favorite show repeatedly and you'd love to have a collection.

While it may seem like a boring gift, it's definitely one that you'll love. You can always use a new outfit and you look forward to the new wardrobe pieces you'll get.

Tickets To An Event
Whether it's a concert or sports event, you'll be getting tickets to something you absolutely enjoy. It's something you can't really afford yourself so you'll love it.