Emotional Maturity Quiz

How emotionally mature are you? It's time for that question to be answered. It's quite simple! Just answer a few easy questions and you will soon find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

not emotionally mature at all.
Because you are not emotionally mature, you allow your emotions to guide you into wrong perceptions, reactions, and worst of all, wrong decisions. It doesn't have to be that way. You can learn to understand and control your emotions with a little effort.

barely emotionally mature.
Sometimes you seem emotionally mature. However, when you are under pressure, you reveal that your emotional maturity is not deeply rooted. Before you let your emotions take control, ask yourself if you are seeing the situation for what it really is or if your perception is being unfairly colored by your emotions.

almost emotionally mature.
You are not completely emotionally mature, but you are almost there. One indicator of maturity is stability, and you still have rare bursts of extreme moods that show that you have a little more work to do.

half emotionally mature, half emotionally immature.
When it comes to your emotions, you are like Jekyll and Hyde. One moment you are calmly weighing the pros and the cons of a decision, and the next moment you are showing immature emotions like pettiness, spite, or neediness.

emotionally mature.
You are an emotionally mature individual. You can admit your mistakes and weaknesses which means that you can learn from bad experiences as well as good ones. Being in a good place emotionally puts you in a position to help others who need comfort or encouragement.

an emotional old soul.
You are almost as emotionally mature as possible without being immortal. Not only do you know how to express your emotions in a positive way, but also you are compassionate to others.. even those who are still working to master their feelings.