Can You Pass The “Are You A Good Wife” Quiz?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Amazing Wife
Based on the results of this quiz, you are an amazing wife! Not only are you a compassionate and loving wife, but you and your spouse approach everything as a team. You know that you and your spouse work best with open communication and compromise.

Above And Beyond Wife
You are an above and beyond wife! You're the kind of wife that goes way above and beyond the things you need to do to truly make your husband and your family feel special. You never half do anything. In fact, some would say that you've dedicated your life to your family's happiness.

Great Wife
You are a great wife! Not only are you attentive and kind, you're humorous, respectful, and full of insight. Your husband relies on you for strength, love, and of course unconditional friendship. You've given them all that and so much more. Love isn't about picking up after someone or pulling more weight, it's about being there for every moment good and bad.

Good Wife
You're a truly good wife! You know how to meet your spouse's needs without losing sight of your own. Because you can focus on yourself sometimes, you can always bring your best to your spouse and your family. With that said, your spouse truly relies on your for strength and friendship.

Okay Wife
Based on the results of this quiz, you are an okay wife! While you may not go above and beyond, you always make sure to bring your best to your relationship. You're still navigating the waters of marriage and settling into your role. We know that in time, you'll be the best wife a spouse could ever ask for!