What Should Your Introvert Job Be?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Freelance Writer
You have a way with words that just impresses others. You have a rather creative and imaginative mind but you don't usually open up to others. You find that writing is the best way to express your thoughts and feelings.

Truck Driver
There's something about the big open road that just appeals to you. You'd like a job where you can just ride for hours all alone and get paid while doing it.

Computer Programmer
You're quite handy with it comes to technology and with your intelligence, you could create amazing programs. You feel like a technological job would be best for you.

You would have no problems working in a field dedicated to helping others. You love a good challenge that makes you think. You know that this type of career would suit you well.

You're a pretty quick thinker and have a pretty high intelligence so you'd love a job like this. It'd make you think but you'd also to have your peace and quiet.