What Does Love Mean To You?

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Spending All Of Your Time Together
For you, love means wanting to spend all of your time with someone. You thrive on having quality time with the person you love and it's very difficult for you to be in long distance relationships. Texts and phone calls are no substitute for being in the same room as your love. Even if you sit in silence, as long as you're together, every moment is meaningful.

For you, love means being in an intimate, physical relationship. Touch is how you feel the most connected to the one you love. That doesn't mean there isn't real emotional substance; it's actually quite the opposite. Being physical is your favorite way to express love and you do best with a partner who can match your level of affection.

Love Is Unbreakable
For you, love is unbreakable, a ship that can weather any storm. It doesn't matter if you're near or far, your relationship stays strong. You patch up leaks as they spring and if there's a hint of sinking, it doesn't last long. You aren't one for short term flings, but the lifelong voyage.

Generous Partnership
For you, love is a generous partnership. You're not interested in a relationship that isn't equal. That means mutual respect and sharing the responsibilities as much as sharing the happiness. You're a giving person who will go out of your way to help your significant other, and you'll be disappointed if that same care isn't returned.

Love Is A Drag
For you, love is kind of a drag. You're not interested in love, unless it's loving yourself. The baggage that love can come with is not a weight you want to carry at this point in your life. You're more focused on yourself, which isn't a bad thing!