How Do You Define Beauty In The World?

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Natural Splendor
You define beauty as natural splendor! To you true beauty is not something that can be achieved through makeup or fashion, it is an inherent quality as effortless as the blooming of a flower or the stars in the sky.

You define beauty as love. To you, there is nothing more beautiful than people treating one another with grace and kindness. Whether helping out a fellow man, showing affection, or simply doing your part: there’s nothing more beautiful to you than life.

For you, all of the beauty in the world revolves around family. Family is the true foundation that happiness is built upon. While some may take their families for granted, you know that family is what makes life worth living.

You define beauty as compassion. Beauty is not a physical thing to you, but rather an emotional perception. For you, beauty means doing the right thing, helping others, and always taking the path less traveled.

You define beauty as culture and tradition. Upholding the things that make us who we are, holding onto family roots, and respecting heritage is what you define as beauty in this crazy world. You’ve got an amazing outlook on what matters!