What Kind Of Cat Are You?

Find your inner feline!

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Behind your attractive poise is a sharp intellect. You love to watch and learn, and you are constantly on the hunt for ways to stimulate your brain. You especially crave loyal friends who can match you in conversation and enliven your daydreams!

Maine Coon!
Underneath your luxurious look is a balanced, even temper. You enjoy indulging in rich treats and lazy days as much as the next person, but when you have work to do, you stay on top of it! Your friends appreciate your calm disposition and reliable support!

At first glance, you are quite an eccentric--and you only get more eccentric as people get to know you. An open book, you aren't afraid of other people's judgment. You pursue your own antics and keep your heart wide open to the world for inspiration!

Japanese Bobtail!
Inside your cute exterior is a vast reservoir of energy. You are highly creative, and you can't help chasing after your imagination, even when it leads you into mischief. You make sure that you carve playtime into your schedule every day. Without it, you would probably go crazy!

Despite your captivating beauty, you are an aloof person. You only open your heart to a select few companions, and you don't like to venture outside of the tranquil bubble of your own home very often. Your discriminating habits help you maintain the kind of life you want: controlled and unhassled.