Which Saint Are You?

There are lots of different saints. Some of them were warriors, martyrs, or monks. Take this quiz to see who you are!

Tags: Faith, Religion

Here are all the results with descriptions

Saint Bruno, Founder of the Carthusian Order
You are thoughtful and intellectual, always appreciating the profound things in life. You have great wisdom and know the worth of silence. You are happy to have time to yourself. You never make hasty decisions.

Saint Francis, Patron Saint of Animals and the Environment
You love animals and are kindhearted and generous with your time. You are always patient. You never lose your temper. You are humble and modest and a truly kind person.

Saint Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland
You share the bravery and resourcefulness of this Irish saint. You can handle hardships and always come out stronger. You always find a way through any problem. You value every chance to grow and mature.

Saint Valentine, Patron Saint of Love
You are always happy to help people and have a deep appreciation for inner beauty. You are a good listener. You know how to help people with their problems. You give guidance and support whenever someone needs it.

Saint Agatha, Patron Saint of Martyrs and Nurses
You are an idealist who will never give up on your beliefs. You will never run from injustice and will always stand up to it. You feel things strongly. You are a passionate and strong person.

Saint Joan of Arc, Patron Saint of Soldiers
You are fierce and brave, and will never back down from a fight. You never listen to fear, and you never let it control you. You fight for what you believe in, no matter the odds. You will always believe that the world can be a better place.