How Do You Define The 80s Based On Your Answers To These 10 Questions?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Computers - The Way Of The Future!
You saw the technology started to truly soar in the 80s. Between word processors becoming more and more advanced, to video game systems flooding the market, you know that the 80s was all about that tech!

Music - Rock Videos!
You were around to see music videos start making their debuts on MTV - back when MTV actually played music and music videos around the clock. You were jamming out while the TV blared your favorite tunes, rather than the radio!

Fashion - All. The. Way.
You recognized that there were styles back in the 80s that were going to stick for a while. Well - seeing that RayBans, Aviators, and Acid-Washed (and other wearing methods) have stuck around through the last 25+ years, you were right!

It Was All About The Hair!
Yes, you likely remember that big, big, permed hair was the way to go in 80s. But don't forget mohawks and brightly colored hair that made its debut in the 80s thanks to the rebelious punk movement. Both of which have inspired the common faux hawk and rainbow hair that is everso popular today!

It Was Obviously All About Reagan...
Ronald Reagan, an actor, was elected to be President of the United States. He stopped the spread of communism and started the war on drugs. This was the most memorable part of the 80s for you!