Which Viking Legend Would You Have Been?

Wondering which Viking legend you would have been? Stop wondering and find out right now with this simple quiz!

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1. Would you have wanted to discover unknown lands?

Yes Sure, but that's part of being a Viking. I'd want more.

2. How about participating in raids?

Yes Maybe, but I wouldn't want that to be my only focus.

3. Would you have done brave things to win the hand of a princess?

Yes No

4. Would you have died of natural causes?

No Yes

5. Would you have picked on a country so much that they paid you to leave them alone?

Yes, that sounds hilarious! No

6. Are you a redhead?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Rollo, First Ruler of Normandy
Rollo loved raids and was given part of Normandy so he could protect it from other Vikings. But he wasn't satisfied. Instead, he expanded his control. He actually laid the groundwork for quite a few others after him, including William (duke of Normandy) and William the Conqueror. Rollo was ambitious, stubborn, quick to anger, and thirsty for control.

Ragnar Lodbrok
He wanted to win the hand of a princess at 15, so he handled a massive poisonous-snake problem. He loved raiding and using longships to travel the rivers of France. He loved a good fight, so much so that French King Charles the Bald paid Ragnar 7,000 pounds just to leave Paris alone. Unfortunately for him, Ragnar couldn't escape death. Once he was actually captured, he was thrown into a pit of vipers. The best way to describe Ragnar is headstrong, brave, and violent.

Erik the Red
Yes, you guessed it, he earned his nickname due to his hair color. But, as with most redheads, it was also because of his temper. He sailed to an uncharted island, which he dubbed Greenland, in the hopes of getting people to settle down there. He did manage to meet his goal; however, the Norse Greenlanders abandoned the whole area after Erik's death, perhaps due to a decline in trading. So, what's the best way to describe Erik? Quick-tempered, adventurous, and progressive.

Leif Eriksson
Leif is considered the first European to set foot in North America; he got here before Christopher Columbus--by about 500 years, no less! He was the son of Erik the Red, and he dubbed several areas, including Markland and Vinland, where he discovered grapes. Leif was certainly a leader, an adventurer, and a bit of a smarty-pants.