Which 40s Icon Do You Need Advice From?

Here are all the results with descriptions

James Stewart
The 40s icon you need advice from is James Stewart! Not only was Jimmy an actor, he was also a war hero. In his many years, Jimmy accrued a lot of wisdom on what it means to be good, do good, and make an impact. If you’re feeling as if your life is lacking in purpose or meaning, look to Jimmy Stewart for a little advice on how to live, love, and truly prosper!

Lucille Ball
The 40s icon you need to hear advice from is Lucille Ball! If you feel stuck in your shell, unable to come out due to fear, look to Lucille Ball for a little inspiration. This fiery red head didn’t let challenges stand in her way, especially stereotypes, gender roles, or expectations. Being in a shell might feel safe, but you’ll never have room to grow. Make like Lucille and start to create your own success by doing things your way. After all, no one know you better than you know yourself!

Katharine Hepburn
The 40s icon you need to hear advice from is Katharine Hepburn! In an industry that was dominated by men and power players, Katharine stood up and fought for every single thing she believed in, even if it wasn’t always popular. If you’re having difficulty choosing between what you feel is right and what would be more popular, go with your gut like Katherine. You already have all the answers you need.

Fred Astaire
The 40s icon you need to hear advice from is Fred Astaire! If life is feeling a bit gloomy and uninspiring, take a tip from Fred Astaire and dance your way through the hard times. You don’t even need to literally dance! Like Fred, put on a smile, lighten the mood with music or comedy, and remember that most things aren’t truly as bad as they seem. With a good attitude, you can overcome any obstacle that’s thrown your way.

Donna Reed
The 40s icon you need to take advice from is Donna Reed! If you’re having difficulty balancing all of the things life has thrown your way, look to Donna for some advice on multi-tasking and playing multiple roles. Remember, no one ever said you have to be just one thing. Go with your gut, use your noggin, and remember that you’ve got this! You’re more powerful than you even know!