Which Ancient Celtic Art Should You Practice?

Celtic civilization may be long gone, but the spirit of the Celts lives on in their arts!

Tags: Celtic, Art, History

2. Imagine it's nighttime in your rustic village. What are you doing?

Sitting by a campfire, swapping stories Stargazing Singing a lullaby to myself Sleeping after a hard day of work!

3. Did you know King Arthur came from Celtic legends?! Who's your favorite Arthurian character?

Lancelot Merlyn Guinevere Arthur!

4. In which country would you like to visit Celtic ruins?

Ireland England Scotland France

5. You are attracted to _____.

Action Philosophy Security Glamour Mystery Serenity

Here are all the results with descriptions

Step Dance!
Irish step dance draws on the legacy of Celtic grace and energy. It's perfect for a high-spirited perfectionist like you! When you put on your vibrant dress, bedecked in Celtic symbols, and leap and kick across the stage, you will feel truly alive, and your audience will be touched by your beauty and joy.

The ancient Celts didn't have a written language. Instead, they depended on observant and deep-thinking storytellers to immortalize their struggles and triumphs--people, in short, just like you! When you pick up the thread of a new story, you will finally find an outlet for all your reflections on life, and your audience will never forget what you say.

Stone Masonry!
Without stone masons, Celtic civilization as we know it would have been impossible. That's a big responsibility to shoulder! Only a person with a deep sense of duty and determination, like yourself, could manage it! As a stone mason, you would get the satisfaction of providing for the safety and comfort of your village, and they would be forever grateful!

Think the Celts ran around in furs and leather all the time? Think again! This ancient civilization knew a thing or two about style, and they had access to precious metals and gems. As a Celtic goldsmith, you would have had everything you needed to bring your visions of grandeur to life. You would be able to focus on beauty 24-7, and your creations would be legendary!

Symbol Design!
Nothing is more quintessentially Celtic than their symbols. These intricate, interlocking shapes almost look like puzzles to the untrained eye. But to your astute eye, they could be perfect expressions of the simultaneous chaos and order of life. Creating a new rune would almost be a spiritual exercise for you, and the people who gazed at your rune later would feel a little awed too!

The Harp!
The Celtic harp is an ethereal instrument, made for dreamy and serene souls like you. When your fingers touch the harp's strings, you will bring your daydreams to life--and carry your audience with you.