Women Nobel Prize Winners

Are you interested in women who have done great things? How much do you know about female Nobel Prize winners? This quiz will test your knowledge of these women. Take it now!

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You know little to nothing about the women who have won the Nobel Prize. That's okay. Most people don't know much more than you. But, you now know quite a lot about them if you were paying attention to the correct answers. Spread that knowledge!

A little
You know a little bit about female Nobel Laureates. Most people don't know that much so you're still ahead of the game. Keep learning more about them and their contributions to the world. What they have done is amazing and very interesting!

If this were a test, you'd get a B-. That's a really great score for a quiz like this. Sadly, many people know nothing at all about the female Nobel Prize winners. Continue to increase your knowledge and be inspired to make a change in the world!

A lot
You know a lot about female Nobel laureates and that's saying a lot! When so few people have heard of many of these women, it's amazing that you have such a wealth of knowledge about them. Be sure to tell your friends what you do know and spread knowledge and inspiration!

You aced this quiz. Not ever female Nobel Laureate is represented in it, but it seems like if they were, you'd know about them too. If not, increase your amazing knowledge of women Nobel Prize winners by learning about the ones not mentioned here!