Could You Survive Being a Refugee?

How would you cope with being displaced and forced to travel miles from home with only what you can carry?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

thrive and survive.
You already live a very simple lifestyle and consciously limit your reliance on modern conveniences and material possessions, so you are as prepared as anyone can be to handle the hardships of life as a refugee. That is not to say you will not suffer. You know that life as a refugee is never easy, but living on the road without access to basic amenities would not be as hard for you as for many other people.

look on the bright side.
You have the amazing gift of keeping a positive outlook on life, whatever happens. You find the good in every situation and inspire and uplift others, even as the world crumbles around you. Some may say you refuse to take the situation seriously or that you are being frivolous and irresponsible to smile and laugh while people around you are crying. But it takes a greater strength to laugh in the face of adversity than to allow it to bring you down, and you are possibly the strongest of them all.

deal with it.
Throughout history humans have proven their ability to survive through even the worst circumstances. Like the majority of people, you would have a really hard time if you lost everything and were forced from your home, but you would deal with it and make it through. You probably couldn't do it with a smile on your face, but you would stay strong and keep your faith that one day things will get better.

live in denial.
Nothing could shake your world, could it? You are secure in your comfortable existence, and although you see the images of war, famine, and refugees on the news, you just do not associate them with your safe existence. After all, those people never had a life like yours, and you are confident that the horrors that destroyed their lives could never happen where you live. Could they?

suffer horribly.
You are addicted to the comforts of modern life, and any change in your routine would be almost impossible for you to handle. You have a hard time travelling away from home, even if your destination is a 5-star resort, so forget not having access to climate control, television, or hot water! You'd better just hope that the political climate in your country remains stable, or start building an emergency shelter stocked with supplies where you can hide out in the event of war, famine, or apocalyptic disaster!

probably die!
Yeah, we know this is harsh judgement, but can we be realistic here? You are just not cut out for any situation that means being without microwave dinners, internet access, and a fridge full of sodas! But humans are known for their resilience, so even though this quiz says you cannot live without your creature comforts, if real disaster struck you might discover an inner strength and make it through just fine. If not, well you probably will not suffer for too long!