What’s Your Spring Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Spring Cleaner
You're the spring cleaner! For you, spring is a time of rebirth and organization! Once the temperatures start heating up, you're all about busting out the cleaning supplies and making your house a spotless haven of relaxation!

The Reflector
You're a spring reflector! For you, spring is a time of rebirth and reflection. It's a time to hit the reset button and start all over again. You feel renewed and restored, as if you're coming back to life after a long winter of hiding in your shell.

The Outside Maven
In the springtime, you become a total outside maven! For you, spring is all about getting outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather. You love the cool spring temperatures, the blooming flowers, the opportunity to finally leave the house!

The Flower Junky
You're a spring flower junky! For you, spring is all about flowers, flowers, and more flowers! You live for beautiful blooms of tulips, gorgeous cherry blossoms, and daffodils. You can't wait to start planting your spring garden and making your life a beautiful array of blooms.

The Spring Baker
You're a spring baker! For you, spring is all about embracing the refreshing and light flavors of the season. You love to whip up a good lemon pie or some shortcakes topped with fruit. You're all about matching your food and baking tastes to the season around you!